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DIY Compost Bin

New York has suspended its compost collection program, so we decided to make our own compost bin.

First step: We drilled a bunch of holes in the base and sides of the an 18 gallon plastic bin.

The lid had previously snapped through the middle (one of the reasons we're no longer using it for storage inside), so we taped that up and drilled some holes around.

We needed something to prop up the bin, so that the air would actually be able to circulate through those holes in the bottom. Luckily, we found this cage out with the trash on a nearby curb! #reducereuserecycle

We put the bin on the cage outside in the sun, away from windows just in case it becomes smelly or attracts lots of bugs. Now to fill it with compost!

We started with "browns;" a layer of dry stalks, then some torn up compostable packing material.

Next, the "greens;" three weeks' worth of fruit and vegetable discards, stored in paper bags in our freezer. Finally, some soil from last season's annual potted plants. Looks like around about a 2:1 ratio of browns:greens. We'll stir it around every day, and keep adding browns and greens every other week. Hopefully by August we'll have some great new soil! And even if not, it feels better to put the stuff in this than to throw it into the landfill with the trash. Happy composting!

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