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Watch more videos on my Youtube channel: svmyerson

Ve'Ahavta with Chironomy

I developed this version of hand signs for Trope symbols

Motifs and Chironomy for the Blessings after the Haftarah

Blessings After the Haftarah using Motifs and Chironomy

Far Vos Zingt a Khazn?

This Yiddish art song includes a lot of hazzones, and a singalong tune towards the end. With Elizabeth Rodgers, 2015

Ballad of Impossible Tasks

Original Yiddish song, performed with Patty Farrell, Deb Strauss and Michael Winograd, 2015

Hoshanah Rabbah

Selections from Hoshanah Rabbah, presented at JTS, 2014

Der Lempl

I wrote the music for this Yiddish lullaby, performed with colleagues in the YIVO Yiddish summer program, 2013

Far'n Obsheyd

Yiddish art song by Leib Jaffe and Ephraim Skliar, performed with Elizabeth Rodgers, 2013

This Song is Postmodern

Sometimes I write and perform songs in English! This one is a pastiche of musicals styles and word games, 2013

Ikh hob nisht keyn shande

I performed Yiddish folk songs at the Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center in the Bronx, 2012 (song excerpt starts at 4:28)

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